Timetable of Course and Exam Registrations for Term

  • Course Registration
  • Exam Registration

START per faculty
Day\Time 6:00 17:00 20:00
31-08-2020Mon Music, Agro, EngHealthEco
01-09-2020Tue SciTeachArts
02-09-2020Wed LawMed (H&F), Den (H&F), Pharm (H&F)
03-09-2020Thu Univ
06-09-2020Sun (XT+), (XN+)

Univ Registration for general education (XA), language (XN) and physical education (XT) courses on all faculties. Free-of-charge limit applies also to state-funded students in case of XN and XT courses, cf. regulations.
(XT+), (XN+) Possibility of registration for additional physical education (XT+) courses by those who want to have physical activities over the required training level. * Possibility of registration additional language (XN+) courses over the weekly 4 (2×2) hour limit.

Day\Time 23:59
20-09-2020Sun Sci, Music, Agro, Eng, Health, Eco, Teach, Arts, Law, Med (H&F), Den (H&F), Pharm (H&F), Univ, Univ MA teaching modules (MTM, MSZGY), (XT+), (XN+)
23-09-2020Wed Univ (XN) check in, Eco (full time) check in
04-10-2020Sun PhD(+XD)

(retreat), (check in) The end of course registration is different when retreating or checking in at this faculty.