How to change password in ETR system?

szerző: Racskó Tamás 10. October 2013 00:00
Log in to see the attached screenshots.     --> 1. The so-called default password is generated when a student registers himself/herself for the first time on the on-line ETR Registration screen. In case of teachers (and workers), the default pa... [More]

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ETR Login Screen Links in English

szerző: Racskó Tamás 31. January 2013 16:58
The English equivalent of links on the ETR login screen are the following: ETRdok (Information site for users of student administration system at the University of Szeged):  On-line Schedule of Administrative Tasks in the studen... [More]

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My records reported to the Immigration Office

szerző: Racskó Tamás 28. March 2011 18:52
The Hungarian educational institutions are obliged to report changes in student status by Section 74/A in Hungarian Act II of 2007 on the Admission and Right of Residence of Third-Country Nationals ("Third-Country Nationals Act") from 24th December 2010. You are a third-country nat... [More]

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