Details of money-orders issued by SSO

szerző: Racskó Tamás 4. May 2011 19:37
The Students' Service Office (SSO) of the University of Szeged usually makes a "cumulative" money-order (cheque) from pending assessments of small amounts. This concerns the re-take fees, the course repetition fees and the late fees. You have the following possibilities in ETR system... [More]

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My records reported to the Immigration Office

szerző: Racskó Tamás 28. March 2011 18:52
The Hungarian educational institutions are obliged to report changes in student status by Section 74/A in Hungarian Act II of 2007 on the Admission and Right of Residence of Third-Country Nationals ("Third-Country Nationals Act") from 24th December 2010. You are a third-country nat... [More]

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