The entries in ETRdok are classified by three aspects (the equivalent Hungarian terms are shown in parentheses for reference):
  • Topic (Téma) assigns the entry to a set of functionalities, domain of subjects, e.g. web lists; FAQ. Narrow terms are conveyed by tags (keywords). An entry can be classified into more topics. The name of the topic, or its synonym, can be repeated in tags (to enhance the searching facilities).
  • Group (Csoport) describes the group of users the entry is intended to. Main groups are: Teachers; Students; RO (registrar's office); DA (department administrator); Everyone. An entry can be classified into more groups.
  • Language (Nyelv) of the entry. Hungarian language is not marked.
You can retrieve all the entries classified into a category by clicking on its name in "Kategóriák • Categories"  box on the right side. Free text search deals also with the assigned categories.

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