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University of Szeged - Information site for users of student administration system

This site, called ETRdok (pronounce: ee-tee-ar-doc), is maintained by the support staff of the student administration system at University of Szeged (.ETR - pronounce: dot-ee-tee-ar) in order to disseminate local information useful to .ETR users.

We publish the information in brief entries. These entries are classified into categories and they can be labelled by tags as well. You can reach the entries by clicking on the category or tag names in the appropriate box on the right side. You can use free text search through the entire text of the entries, too.

The access to most of the information is unrestricted, but some entries will be displayed only when you are logged in to ETRdok. To log in you must use your .ETR user name ("ETR-kód") and password ("jelszó"). Your registration into .ETR will provide instant access to ETRdok.

Entries are mainly in Hungarian only but we intend to provide additional English content in selected topics. We know that our English is rather functional than correct but we hope that its level is enough to be understood. Please write to us if you want to indicate topics missing in English, or inform us about stylistic problems.

You can see the date the entry was created or modified in the header line of the entry. Note that the old entries may contain obsolete information. Please inform us if you find so and we will update it.

If the user interface of ETRdok is not in English, you have to change the primary language in your browser into English. Do not forget to refresh the browser screen if you changed the setting.

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