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The Hungarian educational institutions are obliged to report changes in student status by Section 74/A in Hungarian Act II of 2007 on the Admission and Right of Residence of Third-Country Nationals ("Third-Country Nationals Act") from 24th December 2010.

You are a third-country national if you have  

  • neither citizenship of Hungary,
  • nor the right of free movement and residence, that is citizenship of
    • an EU member state,
    • another member state of the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), or
    • another state joined to the "EEA citizenship" (Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, Vatican);
  • or if you are homeless, or your nationality is unknown to the ETR system. 
If you are third-country national, you will be reported to the Hungarian Immigration Office, when
  • The admission was granted to you by the University, but you did not apply for it until the specified deadline (see the end of Item No. SZG.30.20 in University Schedule of Administrative Tasks)
  • You have started your student status by admission.
  • You have interrupted your studies (you have no active training program in this term and you were active in the previous one).
  • You have reactivated your studies (you have an active training program in this term and you were not active in the previous one).
  • You have ended your status after finishing the last training program. 
The following information will be reported about you according to Section 96 Clause 1 of theThird-Country Nationals Act
  • Name
  • Name at birth 
  • Date of birth
  • Place and country of birth
  • Gender
  • Mother's name at birth
  • Passport number
  • Address of accomodation (temporary/mail address in ETR)
  • Citizenship(s)
  • Number, issue and expiry date of permit of residence
  • Title of residence
  • Date of the change in your student status
  • Description of the change in your student status (see previous point):
    • Student did not apply for admission
    • Start of student status
    • Interruption of student status
    • Reactivation of student status
    • End of student status

Please care for the actualization and amendments of your data (e.g. in case of renewal of permit of residence) to avoid the possible complications with the Immigration Office. Refer to your Registrar's Office if you want to modify or correct your data.

You may check your records (about to be) reported to the Immigration Office in ETR by clicking on item 'Bevándorlási hivatalnak küldött jelentés / My records reported to the Immigration Office' on screen Student / Studies / Student Information.

Legal abstract

  • Current text of the Third-Country Nationals Act in Hungarian 
  • Exprired text of the Third-Country Nationals Act in English – NB. it does not cointain the new Section 74/A.
  • Section 74/A (valid from 24th December 2010, translated by ETR management) "The educational institutions shall be required to report within eight working days to the local immigration authority if a foreign student has started, finished or interrupted his/her studies, or he/she failed to apply for admission, or his/her student status has ended."
  • Section 96 "(1) The immigration authority shall process the following data of third-country nationals in connection with applications for residence permits and the residence permits issued:
    a) natural identification data;
    b) facial photograph;
    c) travel document particulars;
    d) the purpose and planned duration of stay;
    e) particulars of the documents provided in support of the conditions required for entry and stay;
    f) the fact and reasons for the refusal of a new residence permit or for the extension of an existing one, and for the withdrawal of a residence permit;
    g) the number, serial number and validity period of the residence permit issued (extended);
    h) the date of first entry and final exit;
    i) address of the place of accommodation.

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