How to change password in ETR system?

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1. The so-called default password is generated when a student registers himself/herself for the first time on the on-line ETR Registration screen. In case of teachers (and workers), the default password is delivered to their department in a closed envelope by the university delivery service.

2. The co-applications of ETR (CooSpace, Modulo) use the actual ETR password. Therefore their password will also change if you change your password in ETR, and conversely: the password setting in CooSpace will affect the password in ETR.

3. To change your password in ETR, follow the steps below:

a) Log in into ETR using your old password:
Log in using the old password

b) Click on the 'Settings' button on the right middle part of the screen:
 Click on the Settings button


c) In the pop-up window, click on the 'Change password' button:

  Change password button

d) Enter your old password and your new one twice on the password setting screen, then press [Save] button.
Enter the old and the new password

e) You will see the dialogue box below if your password was successfully changed. (You will return to the Startpage after closing this message.)
Your password has been changed

f) Typical problems can be the following ones (in these case your password remain unchanged):

(i) You have mistyped your old password.
Old password is not correct

(ii) You have not managed to type your new password twice the same way.
New pasword and confirm is not identical

(iii) Your new password is too "simple" or it is the same as the old one. You can read the rules for a new password on the left of the setting screen.

New password does not fit local conditions 

4. ETR will not store your changed password, it will be unknown even for password administrators at the Help Desk Service.

5. If you have forgot you password, consult the Help Desk Service personally or via e-mail (cf. Please state your primary personal data, i.e. full name, name at birth, birth date and place, your mother's birth name. If you are a student, the password administrator will reset your previous registration, and then you can re-register yourself in ETR to get a new password. If you are a lecturer (or an employer), your default password will be delivered to your department in a closed envelope by the university delivery service.

6. Do not use your ETR password in other systems.

7. Do not enter your ETR password on web screens where the address in the browser's location does not starts with https://[servername] (anything may stand for [servername]). Please inform us about these web screens via our Help Desk Service (with a PrintScreen shot if it is possible).

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