ETR registration
  • At the University of Szeged, ETR (Unified Academic System, developed by Dexter Kft.) was introduced in the academic year 2001/2002.

  • ETR is an online system which gives you the opportunity to sign up for your courses and exams and to check your personal and academic information stored in the system. It also helps you to keep contact with teachers and other students and to check your financial condition.

  • In order to enter the ETR system, a valid Student ID is needed. If you have not created your Student ID yet, follow the steps on the next pages.
    - You need to use your personal data to register yourself in the system. Note that the data you use for the registration must be compound with your data stored in the ETR. Use the exact data indicated on your matriculation form. This Student ID will function as your username in the ETR system.
    - After proper identification you can create your password, which gives you protection against unauthorized access.
  • Contact the Student's Office of your Faculty if you cannot register into the ETR, although you tried it with the correct data.
  • Everybody must register her/himself individually. Note that it is forbidden to register instead of someone else!
  • Be very careful and keep your password in secret. Someone may misuse your password, get at your data and register or de-register you for a course or an exam. Change your password immediately if you suppose that someone knows it!
  • In case you connect to the ETR from a public workstation, it is necessary to log out after you have finished and close all the windows you have opened in order to prevent misuse.

For proper running of the ETR system, it is highly recommended to use Internet Explorer 9 or higher / Firefox 12 or higher / Chrome 20 or higher version.
It is also necessary to use ActiveX drivers, run JavaScript and enable cookies and pop-up windows.
To provide safe connection, HTTPS protocol is used. You may receive warning messages regarding the authenticity certificate.
If a technical problem occurs contact the Helpdesk Office at the Computer Science Center.